The Streets of 2020 – B&W Series

Obviously, 2020 was a historical year for many reasons, but Portland, Oregon was in the national news more than usual due to many months of Black Lives Matter protests. Understandably, the photography used in the news and social media was comprised of individual protesters out...

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Processing the Big Pause

This new artwork is a continuation of my exploration of the urban landscape, but it has been dramatically influenced by what I saw and experienced through the events of 2020. This work is about the reflection and introspection needed in response to the uncertainty and confusion due...

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Chromatic Cityscape Series

Exploring major cities of the USA in high definition color and capturing what makes each city unique. These images are available in different formats directly or as licensed goods. Go to UrbanRetrospectives.com to learn more! And many items be purchased at Buy Olympia >>...

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City in Flux

This current, on-going work is inspired by the huge influx of construction and architectural changes in Portland, Oregon. After living in Portland for 9 years and photographing every section of the city during this time, I got to know the city very well. Significant changes...

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World Travel Unity Series

A World Retrospective! Pieces that celebrate major landmarks and icons in the U.S.A. and around the world. These illustrations call us to recognize and celebrate all the unique and different locations, cultures, and religions. These were made in response to the current tension around the...

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Portland & The Willamette: 12 Bridges

No other city in the world has the amazing collection of bridges that Portland has! Each unique illustration depicts multiple angles of each of the 12 bridges that cross the Willamette River. My photographic process allows me to show the detailed architectural structure of each...

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