Wildlife Blocks Commission

CASE STUDY: Custom Wildlife Blocks’ Neighborhood Photomontage

LOCATION: East Burnside Area, Portland, Oregon

CLIENT: Wildlife Blocks, Portland, Oregon

WHEN:  October 2016

MISSION/SCOPE OF WORK: This locally owned company has restored old factory buildings in the East Burnside area of Portland and made them available as innovative office spaces and fabrication shops. They wanted a photomontage of this area for their office to highlight their involvement and pride in the neighborhood.

RESULTS:  I thoroughly photographed the East Burnside area and distilled the photos down to the most noteworthy elements and the clients favorite spots. I created a photomontage showing their restored buildings right in the heart of this bustling neighborhood which is a multi-use, diverse microcosm of the city where they fit in perfectly. They were inspired to name it “Hello Neighbor”. Three large format, limited edition prints were created for the owners and the Wildlife Blocks’ office. Then smaller prints were produced and given to business that lease out their spaces to spread the good neighborly vibe of East Burnside.

SIZE/MEDIUM: 24” high x 36” wide / Archival Pigment Print on Rag Paper


Commissioned Artwork, Gallery, Installations

architecture, archival pigment print, commission, East Burnside, neighborhood, Oregon, photomontage, Portland
Kerschen Art