Jupiter NEXT Hotel

I am honored to be a part of the new, gorgeous Jupiter NEXT Hotel.  The entire design takes hotel accommodations to the next level and I am honored that my Portland cityscape images were selected to be incorporated into each guest room as part of the mural-sized bed headboards.

CASE STUDY: Jupiter NEXT Guest Room Artwork

LOCATION: 800 E. Burnside St., Portland, OR, 97214

CLIENT: Jupiter Hotel, Portland, Oregon

WHEN:  June 2018

MISSION/SCOPE OF WORK: The Jupiter Hotel is a locally owned establishment loved by tourists and locals alike. They are a creative, boutique hotel in a vibrant location near downtown Portland via the Burnside Bridge. They are a cultural hub with a music venue, restaurant, event spaces, and a gallery all in the same square block. They have expanded and built a new, unique, six-story hotel adjacent to the original called Jupiter NEXT which will provide many amazing views of the city. They wanted artwork that reflected the unique Portland culture their guests will enjoy and their own connection to the community.

RESULTS:  I worked closely with the Jupiter hotel and their interior design team to brainstorm the use of photomontage artwork with their unique design ideas; they didn’t just want the standard, small format, framed art as part of their decor. They decided to incorporate my artwork into the bed headboards, creating large-format work to fill the room while showing boutique comfort. The concept mimics the amazing views of downtown Portland seen through many of the rooms and vantage points within the hotel. To accomplish this, I took my Portland scenes that reflected downtown Portland and the city’s iconic culture then adjusted them to fit the headboard format. Then I customized the scenes further by adding a Jupiter Hotel, or Jupiter Next element in every scene in a closely integrated fashion to show their connection to the city.

SIZE/MEDIUM: 47” high x 66.5” wide / locally-sourced muraled headboards on vinyl


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