City in Flux

This current, ongoing work is inspired by the huge influx of construction and architectural changes in Portland, Oregon. Through this work, I want to raise the issue of balancing new growth with preserving our history, retaining long term residents, and considering the unique culture of Portland.

MORE INFO: After living in Portland for 9 years and photographing every section of the city during this time, I got to know the city very well. Significant changes are happening so fast that it was a shock to me and it inspired a new series of photomontages revolving around this issue. Growth is happening and additional housing is needed in Portland, but the demolition of older buildings and the construction of newer buildings is happening at such a rapid rate without regard to infrastructure, cultural, and affordability concerns. In this series, I attempt to address these issues through depicting the changes to Portland’s urban landscape. Portland is so unique and that special quality is reflected in our buildings and neighborhoods; I hope we can preserve it while we grow into a world class city.

“Reconstructing East Burnside” is a piece that was inspired by a commission I did for Wildlife Blocks. I photographed the East Burnside area and it allowed me to take a closer look at this unique microcosm where all types of small businesses and residential buildings coexist. It is in the process of being taken over by development. I decided I wanted to depict a scene of the area where change is occurring so we could see the contrast of the old and the new.

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2016 - In Progress


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