Bronaugh Building Installation & Commission

CASE STUDY: REACH Community Development / Bronaugh Building

CLIENT: REACH Community Development, Portland, Oregon

WHEN:  July 2016

MISSION/SCOPE OF WORK:  REACH acquired an historic building in downtown Portland and they refurbished it so that elderly and disabled people would not be displaced. It was a such successful project they won an honor for it. They had a common room they wanted to liven up and to show pride in the community. They had a large format space, wanted an overview of the city, and needed something that opened up the space. They also wanted a piece of artwork to celebrate the new, refurbished building to hang in the Bronaugh Building’s office.

RESULTS:  We decided that using my scene, “Crossing the Willamette” provides an open and encompassing view of Portland and the general area. The image was mounted on plexiglass then hung with standoffs to give the scene and the room a lighter feel. Then I photographed the newly restored building, made an etching plate for it, and hand printed the final piece. Both of these pieces honor the building and the community that helped pull the project together.

SIZE/MEDIUM: Installation: 60” high x 120” wide / Transparent Vinyl mounted on Plexiglass
Etching: 15″high x 20″ wide / Photographic Etching on Cotton-based paper.


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