Modera Buckman Apartments

CASE STUDY: “Modera Buckman”

LOCATION: Portland, Oregon

CLIENT: Heidi McBride & Co. and Modera Buckman

WHEN: February 2020

MISSION/SCOPE OF WORK: The design of the new, luxury apartment building, Modera Buckman, is…modern, of course. To match the modern, urban feel, the client needed some contemporary artwork to coordinate and compliment it, but also to create a sense of place and community to make the place feel like home.

RESULTS: I worked closely with the art consultant, Heidi McBride, to create something brand new. She wanted a connection to the community but wanted something organic, street level, and more personal. The clients didn’t want major landmarks, but something more aimed at daily life in Portland. It was a joy to go back into my photography and pull out imagery of urban elements that are just part of daily life…and then I was inspired to walk the SE Portland neighborhoods where Modera Buckman is located and capture more imagery. As I pulled a series of images together of objects, signs, buildings, pets, cars, bicycles, etc…I formed a collage that had a feeling of walking through a Portland neighborhood. We wanted an organic look, so I dug deep into my fine art paper collection and started experimenting with combining paper collage with my urban imagery. It was a great fit adding color and texture. This was a wonderful experience to combine my photography with a handmade application.

SIZE: Two panels were produced. Each is 8 x 4 feet with a 2″ depth.

Kerschen Art