Heathman Hotel Commission

CASE STUDY: Heathman Hotel Commission

CLIENT: Heathman Hotel, Portland, Oregon

WHEN: 2012-2015

MISSION/SCOPE OF WORK:  To create a photo-illustration of the Heathman hotel reflecting the unique culture of the hotel and showing it in the context of it’s community in downtown Portland.

RESULTS:  With a wonderful tour and a luxurious one night’s stay, I learned about the features of the Heathman Hotel: Did you know they have signature suites decorated by themes such as the Oregon Symphony Orchestra (inspired by their neighbor, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall), the Andy Warhol Suite, the Portland Center Stage Suite (theatre), and more? Did you know they have famous authors stay with them while they give talks at Powell’s City of Books, AND they have a library of signed books by these famous authors available to guests? Did you know the gorgeous Tea Court Lounge has an amazing chandelier, a grand piano, and an amazing Russian Tea Service (all under said chandelier)? Even as a local, I didn’t either…I incorporated as much as I could into one succinct scene to reflect all these fabulous features and the Heathman’s prime downtown location.

FINAL ARTWORK: My unique style was perfect for this special, culture-focused hotel. This commission required multiple images to capture the uniqueness of this hotel! We came up with three final postcards. It worked so well for them, they wanted one colorized with a festive theme as a holiday card for 2015. Then a series of archival pigment prints were made for employee awards and corporate gifts.



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