Prineville, Oregon Installation

CASE STUDY: Data Center: Grand Hallway Entrance

LOCATION: Prineville, Oregon

CLIENT: Network Technology Company

WHEN: 2019

MISSION/SCOPE OF WORK:  A network technology company is building a new office in Prineville, Oregon – an amazing small town in central Oregon. This company wanted to pay homage to the local area. Each art piece placed in this building reflects the area’s nature, culture, industries, and history. They wanted me to create a single scene of the area that was a summation of these elements to be placed in the main hallway entrance of the building. 

RESULTS: I researched Prineville thoroughly and had a couple of key conversations with the client about what they specifically wanted to highlight in this piece both before and after I photographed the area. I stayed in Prineville for a number of days capturing it all with my camera. While I was there, I met people that lived there (enjoyed the wonderful diners there) and visited the historic museum to enrich my knowledge of the area. There are amazing natural landmarks nearby: Smith Rock to the West, Prineville Reservoir South of town, then Stein Pillar and the Painted Hills East of Prineville. I photographed them all, the amazing Crooked River, and everything in between. The town, resting beneath a number of majestic plateaus, has a wonderful history where they proudly built their own railroad (without State assistance) to stay relevant during the building of the railroad system in Oregon. I edited my photos down to the best of my tour and created a scene that represented the full area East to West with the majestic Court House in the middle. I endeavored to show the historic charm of the area…so many buildings from different areas are preserved and still in use really making it a special historic town. 

SIZE/MEDIUM: 6 feet high x 25 feet wide x 2” deep / Digitally Printed Dibond 

Kerschen Art