“All Together The Dalles” Photomontage Mural is Installed!

This is very belated news, but it is an important project I am quite proud of. The last 8 months somehow went by too fast, but this project is about a permanent installation and you can see it any time. The last news I shared was in April 2020 when a billboard on Interstate Highway 84 was created to highlight the project (so cool!). Well…here is a refresher and the latest updates…

If you recall…The Dalles is this wonderful town in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. It is in a sunny spot where the Gorge cliffs start to recede into high desert hills. There are lush cherry farms nearby, the Columbia River, Mt Adams can often be visible, and Mt Hood isn’t very far away – all of which provides so much diversity. The director of The Dalles Art Center, Scott Stephenson, contacted me in the Fall of 2018 to do a photomontage of this historic town. A place that has constantly adapted to changing historic events and economic shifts, but somehow hasn’t been overdeveloped and has allowed much history to be preserved. The project shifted and grew since our first conversation. I photographed the city and did the photomontage in June and July of 2019. Then we made 2 styles of fine art prints available for an exhibit in August. Then we worked with Chris Pothier, an amazing local professional fine art painter, to hand-paint it as a 42-foot mural…and there are more “All Together The Dalles” goodies to come!!

The photo above shows the mural’s opening day and below shows a comparison of the painted version (1st image) and my original photomontage.

A local video production company, Story Gorge, worked with high school students to produce an amazing video about the project. (It was filmed Fall of 2019.) It shows the process and the meaning behind the project. It says so much about the project in only 4 minutes >>

More information about the project, historical information about the buildings, and the fine art prints can be ordered at www.alltogetherthedalles.com

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