New Series Available Online & Artsy Scarves Too!

My new series, “Processing the Big Pause” that I showed at Sidestreet Arts Gallery in July is now available online through my online store. For each composition, I have archival pigment prints and aluminum prints available and various sizes (and price points). If you swipe, you’ll see the same image as an aluminum print (comes ready to hang) or a framed pigment print (you do the framing). AND I am now offering free shipping! The Aluminum prints are limited edition and they are made to order, so I do need a little lead time, but I can usually get them shipped in 10 days. Shop link: https://bethkerschenstore.com/…/processing-the-big-pause


ALSO, as I am demonstrating, Vanna-style, I took two of my new compositions and made them into Artsy Scarves. I have a 72″ and a 45″ long available in each design. These are made to order and they can take 14-16 days, so order them now for the holidays (but only 7 during regular times)! The link to my Online Store: https://bethkerschenstore.com/collections/accessories

Lastly, locally Sidestreet Arts have some in stock in both sizes! So, they are a great place to get them quickly if you are local to the Portland, Oregon areas.

Kerschen Art