Portland: East Meets West – Multi-Layered Relief Piece

This piece was inspired by the 30 foot Portland International Airport Installation which could only be seen after going through airport security. This smaller relief piece was made for everyone to see and has been displayed in galleries and smaller public venues.

Statement:  In Portland: East Meets West, Beth has captured Portland as it exists at the present moment: a city bursting with creativity. This multi-faceted piece celebrates the cuisine, music, cycling, artists, technology, cinema, vintage, DIY, alternative movements, outdoors, history, architecture, bridges, transportation, and even rose gardens of our fair city.

By memorializing these everyday scenes, she hopes to inspire others to celebrate our city’s present. With enough awareness and appreciation of what makes Portland unique, we can sustain the best of our culture as Portland’s landscape rapidly changes into a world-class city.

Size/Medium: 21″ high x 64″ wide / Background printed directly to Diabond & film mounted to plexiglass




Fine Art, Portland, Oregon

Kerschen Art