Tower of Fear

“Tower of Fear” — A new piece reflecting on current events in America.

As we fear all the “outsiders”, we look outward to plan and implement drastic steps to protect ourselves, but really the primary enemy is within our own borders. This is personal photomontage I created to work through my feelings about the reactionary fear happening in the USA. For me, it also represents the walls we are putting up between each other inside the country. I worked on this during and after the election, but I decided to release my Unity Series instead to send a more uplifting message as this piece felt overstated. As events of 2017 pass thing seem to escalate, now this piece feels like a tame parody and our fear exists at many levels and is growing. This piece was done in hope that people see this parody as future we don’t want, how we need to take a step back, and try to overcome our walls.

Kerschen Art