The last step?

This week, I did one last significant thing for my move to Portland, I changed my Mass license plates on my car to Oregon plates. It actually felt a bit ceremonial. I was excited and a bit sad at the same time. It really felt like this made the move even more permanent that moment was truly an end of an era. It felt that way when I got my new car (years and years ago), I had a junky Ford Escort, but it had Colorado memories” surrounding it. So while I was so excited about getting a new car, I was sad to leave the old one behind. My car with the OR plates almost looks like a different car to me now! The new plates almost make the car look a little less beat up too. One interesting thing to note as well, which is has been indicative of my move….I was being a goof (per usual) sitting on the parking lot pavement at waterfront parking lot, using my mini bike tool to take the Mass plates off while talking on my cell phone to my buddy Kelly. I am sure it was a random sight. Some nice people came by and asked me if I needed help or a screw driver – which is something I am just not used to happening in Boston. In Boston, the people there would have thought me as a total freak and ignored me for self-preservation sake. Here there are quacks like me everywhere. 🙂

I also have to admit one last thing, I thought the concept of driving around Portland with Mass plates was fun – while I know millions of people have driven across the country, I never saw other Mass plates, ever. It made me feel a little but more adventurous than everyone else. 🙂

Well – thanks dear Mass Plates, and goodbye Mass Excise tax! 🙂


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