Something to Celebrate

After 2-3 hours at the insurance company over 2 visits, a trip to the state car inspection service shop, 3 visits to the DMV, a thrilling read of the Oregon Drivers Manual, 1 visit to the city parking office…and about $250 later (not including insurance and gas costs), I have an Oregon license, new “Tree” plates for the car, an updated residential parking permit to match my new plate number (btw, had to pay for an entirely new permit), plate stickers (4), and a new title and registration coming in the mail. Whew. I think this is the only thing I have been doing as of late!

And oh yeah….I guess it is July 4th coming up too. Here is something a bit lit-up and colorful for you to get you warmed up to seeing fireworks.

Something to celebrate
(I can’t decide if I want to keep the lamp on left in the photo)

Happy 4th all!

Kerschen Art