Snow & Flowers

It is funny, I looked at my blog and I really have experienced so much more than what I am posting – and I do have enough photography to show it, I just need more time!!! In this entry, I will show a serious dose of photography for you to compensate a bit, but it is still only in regards to one trail I was on…

The Mirror Lake Trail. I did this trail in mid June and this is the snow that was there….around 2 feet. Unbelievable!
Mirror Lake Trail early summer 2008

I hiked a bit over the packed snow for a while, but quickly lost the trail, which was a shame….so I came back July 12th and ran into…

Forest Rhododendrons
Wild Rhododendron! Everywhere! It was amazing! I have only seen these trees in yards!

This trail leads to to a beautiful lake that is nestled into a small valley. It is called Mirror Lake because the area is protected and gets very little wind, so the lake is almost as smooth as a mirror and reflects the scenery around it.

Mirror Lake Reflecting butte

Mt Hood and it's reflection in Mirror Lake
This is Mt. Hood and it’s reflection.

So, I have to admit, this photo is shown everywhere here in Oregon…the Oregonians that are reading this are probably bored to tears. But I needed to take this shot for myself. 🙂

There was still snow up there in mid-August, which was really amazing. It was quite a hot day when I went up there too. But the snow was sitting snuggly in the shadow areas:

Mirror Lake Snow in August 2008

Once you get to Mirror lake you can continue on a trail named, “Tom, Dick & Harry”. This trail also had some really nice views and I ran into more and more wild flowers. A late bloom due to a late snow melt….

Tom, Dick $ Harry Trail

Here is a close up of the flowers on the trail….

Wild Flowers, OR

I really did love the New Hampshire mountains, but I have to say…being back to big, snow topped mountains really does make me feel at home…

Mt Hood, OR
Mt. Hood

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