Rodgers Marquee Totem Customization

CASE STUDY: Rodgers Variety Store Customization

CLIENT: Gail Rodgers & Family, Port Townsend, Washington & Portland, Oregon

WHEN:  November 2015

MISSION/SCOPE OF WORK: Rodgers Variety Store was a staple in the Portland metro area for 60 years. At one time, it was the largest independent variety store on the West Coast. A member of the family asked me to incorporate Rodgers into my “Portland Marquee Totem” to show Rodgers as an integral part of Portland’s history and culture.

RESULTS: The client didn’t have a lot of original photos of the various locations, so using one photograph and one advertisement I was able to construct a sign that reflected the Rodgers’ brand and could be naturally incorporated into the “Portland Marquee Totem” piece. Then, a new bottom etching plate was made. Lastly, I printed a limited edition series of etchings with the Rodgers plate and each member of the Rodgers family received a print.

SIZE/MEDIUM: 25″ high x 16″ wide / Photographic Etching on Cotton-based Paper


Commissioned Artwork