Nicey Bikey!

Linsel has the most wonderful bike…a sporty recumbent bike that is the best choice for a car/motorbike replacement. A windshield for the bugs and rain, a little motor to get you home faster, and of course tunes. I absolutely adore cycling with Linsel. I have been an avid cyclist for years and after riding so many years sans-music…I just love kicking-it with Linsel and his choice music. He had a need to get himself photographed for a testimonial in regards to his bike and I was happy to help out and it was nice to get out before the last heat wave really hit us hard. Then he reciprocated and offered to take some of me – I don’t have a photo of my little “commuter” bike so, I thought, why not? I just wish I had a fisheye–or at least an extra wide angle lens…it is on the top of my wish list. 🙂



Kerschen Art