New Letterpress Business Cards

Beth Kerschen Art Business Cards

I have to admit, I enjoy getting new business cards, especially when I started my own graphic design business and I could design them anyway I wanted. There is something about having a card on hand that shows what you are happily doing for a living. Despite my excitement, I still have to get some courage up every time I hand a card to strangers. Now, I am even more excited about my new business cards for my artwork. I got them done by Jenn at LetterpressPDX and she coached me through the line art preparation. I am really happy how they turned out. I feel they reflect my work, have a handmade feel and it shows the essence of my artwork. I feel like I am giving people a small piece of artwork, which helps with that little courage needed for passing them out.

The image is comprised of images from Portland and reflects some some of my favorites. I love the mountains (Mt. Hood), I love tea (and Townshend’s Tea), I adore Thai food (the bus is a Thai Food cart), and I just love ice cream and enjoy Forest Park (thus the old sign). Putting them all together makes an ideal scene.