Lovin’ Letterpress

Lettterpress wedding invites with Bride and Groom

A couple months ago, I had the pleasure of designing and letterpress printing wedding invites for some friends of mine. I had done a few things here and there, but this would be a invite, RSVP card, thank you notes and envelopes to match. I was excited to do a full set and even more excited when the bride, Ula, requested we do some blind embossing and provided some beautiful, detailed photos of the church they would get married in for some great ideas for a design element. After the designs were done, we printed them at LetterpressPDX with some major help from Jenn the owner and operator of this beautiful press. Jenn got me up an running, helped troubleshoot some tricky issues that popped up and guided me through the whole process. Then Ula and Dan came to help print their own invites. As soon as I get around to photographing the final pieces, I will post those too.