Free Stuff

When I had my guests come to visit me this last month, we got free stuff! It was a bit uncanny! When I was with Kathryn on the Oregon Coast, this wonderful woman, Diane, threw in money towards our camping spot and a fresh dungeness crab for us and even a bottle of wine to share with her. She insisted of helping pay for all of it and said “pay it forward!” We really didn’t need the help, but I think she sensed our hesitation to stay as we were not keen on the location. But due to her insisting, we had a really great time at this camp site talking to her, eating this wonderful crab, and later meeting more great people at the camp fire also getting a fresh cooked oyster as well. Later…the next day, we got a free burrito in Canon Beach. I thought the “free-ness” was due to Kathryn in some way – maybe she had some “I am so cool, you should give me free stuff vibe”, but alas it was not over! When Ajay was here, we went into this store that seemed to primarily focus on porch furniture and yard sculptures….but had many more funky things. As soon as we walked in, the owner, gave us a free bee catcher (I have no idea why, honestly it could be that it wasn’t selling). Now, I had never seen this type of device, but it looked decorative to me, and felt compelled to take it even though I won’t use it in the short term except as a decorative knickknack. It was also a fun thing to photograph for a our mini photo contests that we do for the photography club I belong to, I thought I would share…

Bee Catcher

Now…I do believe it is time for me to “pay it forward”.

Kerschen Art