Candy Break on Hawthorne

Chalk-let Candy Bus, Portland OR
A couple weeks ago I walked up and down Hawthorne street here in Portland for the second time to take more photos of Hawthorne for a new piece. I have noticed that two, full, thorough trips are necessary to get what I need for material. The first trip really ends up being more of a scouting trip even though I do take a lot of photos. The second, I just go crazy taking hundreds of photos getting every angle of the street I can. While I was out I ran into Christine at the Chalk-let Candy Bus and she was nice enough to let me take a photo on the interior of her amazing candy bus where she serves a wonderful variety of candy – most of which brings back fond childhood memories. It made for a perfect Portland day out where there is always something wonderfully creative, and often yummy to enjoy.

Kerschen Art