Beyond Hat Point: Photo Book Published


Inside with prose by Devin McCarthy:

It was early September and the blue sky was in its final gasp of summer. We drove slowly up the nervous, narrow road that edged the high cliffs. At the top, beyond Hat Point, we found this place. A forest of skeletal pine trees; thin and black with soot. Lonely markers of the fire earlier in the year. Their bark was strangely soft like paper. One touch and the bark would give; leaving a handprint in the charcoal trunk. The bushes and flowers that had been stifled by the thick branches of the trees were now free to stand alone in the sun. Everything below the trees was alive; nearly overwhelming the small path we followed. As the afternoon waned, the sunlight became angled, brilliant, and crystalline; nearly tangible. Breaking through the remaining branches and the leaves of the high bushes, the light was full of contrast; spotlighting a single flower and then shadowing it. We stood there a long time watching it all; the fierce beauty of the fire’s aftermath and the sunlight that seemed nearly aware of us. It wasn’t until the sun moved to the other side of the mountain that the spell was broken and we began the winding trip back down.

Kerschen Art