All Together The Dalles!


I am honored to be selected to do a photomontage commission of The Dalles, Oregon and even more so after going through the process of making the piece. I was able to explore this amazing town in Eastern Oregon and learn even more about the treasures that Oregon possesses. This historic city has been through many changes and industries since its founding, sometimes destabilizing the area, but the area is proudly resilient, constantly rebuilding itself, and creating value for the State of Oregon. The city is in one of those transition times of rebuilding and The Executive Director of The Dalles Art Center, Scott Stephenson, wanted to find a way to build up the community through artwork. He saw my work of Portland, Oregon and he realized that I could communicate the value of The Dalles, to bring the city together, and build city pride.

This was a city wide effort including The Dalles Art Center, The City of The Dalles, Fort Dalles Displays, and The Dalles Chronicle. With the help of local tour guides and historians, I was able to produce a comprehensive, inclusive photomontage and bring in all the unique aspects of the area together. Two versions of the photomontage scenes were produced in the process. The full sized scenic piece will be available as an art print to help raise funds for the project, and will become a mural downtown on the new Dalles Chronicle building for everyone to see. The smaller scene highlights the town specifically and will also be available as a limited edition print.

Read more at The Dalles Chronicle about the project >>  (this was published on the front page of the printed version!)

The artwork will be shown for the first time at The Dalles Art Center, August 1st along with some other amazing printmaking work.

My prints will be shown here on an on-going basis. Starting at the end of August, the amazing realist painter, Chris Pothier, will be at The Dalles Art Center painting this piece onto panels during next few months. Then it will be installed onto the The Dalles Chronicle Building in late October.

To learn more (see more work in progress shots and the mural unveiling), and to purchase prints: AllTogetherTheDalles.com

Prints are also available at The Dalles Art Center.