A New Print of the Hawthorne District

Hawthorne District, Portland OR
Being a part of Portland Open Studios is giving me the push to crank out a few more new pieces and start editioning. I am really excited about this new piece from the Hawthorne District. When I compose a piece, there is always this challenge to compress an entire neighborhood into one piece. There is a long editing process, trying to pick the best images that work together in a scene but also help represent the personality of the area. The more I edit and peruse the images…over time, things start to just come together. The Hawthorne District is often very busy and has many cross-walks and pedestrians, which I haven’t depicted before in my scenes. I really struggled with this piece, but what amazed me is the opportunity to add this street-crossing aspect to the scene just popped into place all of a sudden. With a little reworking it perfectly reflected how I see Hawthorne.

Kerschen Art