Photomontage of USA Upside down in crisis leaving people stranded

New Piece at Dab Art Gallery in Los Angeles, CA for July 2021

I am so honored to be in an exhibit in Los Angeles, CA at Dab Art Gallery called “ART IN THE TIME OF CORONA™ VOL 1”. It can be viewed in person and online here >>

My new work inspired by last year took me out of Portland and had me thinking of the United States and how the whole nation was turned upside down due to the pandemic. I love how people have shared different interpretations of this piece…

I titled this “Who Are You Going To Call?” – as so many people and small businesses felt stranded as the “systems that be” were playing their own games.

This piece is 17”x 24.5” is a composition is printed directly onto aluminum mounted to a wireback frame.

The show is up until August 1st

Dab Art
334 S Main Street, No. 5001
Los Angeles, California 90013

Full show info: https://www.dabart.me/dtla-atc-vol1-1?fbclid=IwAR3jrqFW4tLpjoj_vtpen158_dvkZtZ-h7gFfOQzfsSZpNPKa2Jl5hBgEQo

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