Portland in Flux

This current, on-going work is inspired by the huge influx of construction and architectural changes in Portland, Oregon. Through this work, I want to raise the issue of balancing of new growth and preserving our history, long term residents, and the unique Portland culture.

MORE INFO: After living in Portland for 9 years and photographing every section of the city during this time, I got to know the city very well. Significant changes are happening so fast that it was a shock and inspired work about this topic. Growth and additional housing is needed in Portland, but the demolition of older buildings and the construction of newer buildings is happening at such a fast, exponential rate without regard to infrastructure, cultural, and affordability concerns. In this series, I attempt to addresses these issues through depicting the changes to Portland’s urban landscape.  I believe the city’s culture is reflected in the built environment. If we don’t consciously make an effort to preserve what makes our city special, we could lose our soul and our to development.

“Building East Burnside” is a piece that was inspired by a commission I did for Wildlife Blocks. I photographed the East Burnside area and it allowed me to take a closer look at this unique, wonderful microcosm where all types of business and residential buildings exist and is now being taken over by development. I decided I wanted to depict a scene of the area before it continues to change.


2016 - In Progress


Fine Art, Gallery, Portland, Oregon

architecture, city, city life, cityscape, Construction, Development, infrastructure, Oregon, Portland