Oakwood Portland Apartment Building

CASE STUDY: Oakwood Portland Apartment Building (Originally Janey II)

LOCATION: Pearl District, Portland, Oregon

CLIENT: Gerding Edlen, Portland, Oregon

WHEN:  October 2015

MISSION/SCOPE OF WORK:  To add artwork reflecting the Portland area through the 7 floors of the apartment complex.

RESULTS:  A series using my Portland Bridge scenes was a perfect fit. The artwork shows the majestic bridges that keep the Pearl District connected to the rest of the city and also highlights different skyline views reflecting the urban landscape. Each floor could showcase a bridge, while also giving the whole building a cohesive feel. Six bridge scenes were available at the time, so another one was created (the Broadway bridge) for this project.

SIZE/MEDIUM: 32.5” high x 48.5” wide / Archival Pigment Print Mounted on Wood Panels



Bridges, Oakwood Apartments, Oregon, Portland, river crossings