Selling at Two Holiday Fairs

Selling at 2 holiday fairs

Tis the season for Holiday Fairs!! There are so many going on, I can’t keep track of them all. But, I am going to be a two of them!

December 11th (11am-5pm): Crafty Underdog Sale at the Mission Theater (1624 NW Glisan). They are going to have tons of great artisans, live music, cocktails, beer, movies…it is going to be a blast. Here is more info:

December 18th (11am-5pm): Formal Holiday Artisans Fair at the Acadian Ballroom (1829 NE Alberta St.). It is going to be an elegant affair with live classical music, holiday cocktails, wonderful handmade gifts….and I will be dressed up cocktail style. A rare sight indeed! (I still have to figure out what to wear). Here is the info:

At these events I will have my Portland etchings, letterpress cards and silkscreen tee-shirts (with PDX Icons, Alberta and Hawthorne scenes).

All Free Admission!

Hope to see you there!

My Cards and Tees at Powell’s Bookstore!

Beth Kerschen's tee-shirts and cards at Powell's

Well, so much has happened since Portland Open Studios, I have been too busy to post all that is happening. Portland Open Studios was a great event. I had fun opening up my studio, I met a lot of great people and made some great connections. Two of which have generated leads for custom postcard designs for two Hotels. The details are still in the works, but I will write more about this soon because these are really exciting projects.

Then, I contacted Powell’s Bookstore here in Portland to see if they would be interested in selling my cards and….placed an order and wanted them right away! So, they are carrying all three of my postcards and the holiday card. I am also in the process of getting tee-shirts printed with the same designs and they were interested in selling a set of those as well! So, as of today, Powell’s has my tee-shirts available at the Pearl District Location in the Orange Room in the Gift corner and they have my Post Cards in the big card section on the “Portland/Oregon” themed rack. I believe the holiday cards will be set up soon on a Holiday Themed rack in the same card section. This is just so exciting! I am printing other tee-shirt designs and they will be ready soon, so I will post more later about them and their availability. In the meantime, head to Powell’s!

Hot Off the Press!

Beth Kerschen in "I Made This" In Oct 12th Willamette Weekly
I got a spot in this week’s (October 12th, 2011) Willamette Weekly in the “I Made This” section covering my new Portland Postcards that just came out for Portland Open Studios. I can’t remember the last time I was mentioned in a paper! So, come check out the new work at Portland Open Studios this weekend. And for those of you who can’t make it out, I also have my new cards available on Etsy.

Portland Open Studios is this weekend!

Letterpress postcards or Portland, OR neighborhoods by Beth Kerschen
And the weekend of the 15th and 16th! From 10am to 5:00pm. So there is plenty of time to come over and visit! I will be showing my printing process, all my new work, my brand new letterpressed postcards and Portland holiday cards.

Also see other artists in their studios…watch any of 100 artists who paint, sculpt, draw, print, throw, carve, sew, and more. Learn more about art from the artists themselves. Read the PDX Open Studio’s blog for more information about individual artists and the interesting demos they have planned.

The $15 Tour Guide is a ticket for two adults, *children under 18 are free. I have Tour Guides available for sale, but also can be purchased online at or are available at all New Seasons, Art Media, and many other retail locations throughout the Portland metro area. To find your closest retail location, see The Tour Guide contains a map, a catalog of artist’s images (I am artist #57), coupons to many local retailers and a ticket for a raffle for some great prizes. If you would rather navigate the tour from your smart phone, then the Portland Open Studios iPhone app is your best ticket option. Studio navigation via Google Map, add notes for future reference and search artist by name or media all for the same price as a paper Tour Guide!

Hope to see you!

A New Print of the Hawthorne District

Hawthorne District, Portland OR
Being a part of Portland Open Studios is giving me the push to crank out a few more new pieces and start editioning. I am really excited about this new piece from the Hawthorne District. When I compose a piece, there is always this challenge to compress an entire neighborhood into one piece. There is a long editing process, trying to pick the best images that work together in a scene but also help represent the personality of the area. The more I edit and peruse the images…over time, things start to just come together. The Hawthorne District is often very busy and has many cross-walks and pedestrians, which I haven’t depicted before in my scenes. I really struggled with this piece, but what amazed me is the opportunity to add this street-crossing aspect to the scene just popped into place all of a sudden. With a little reworking it perfectly reflected how I see Hawthorne.

Another Alberta Piece

Scene of Alberta Street, Portland OR
The Alberta District has so many great stores, restaurants, carts and events. And since I live near Alberta, it was the inspiration of my first scene. This new piece of Alberta was going to be a quick, small, charming piece of about 3 buildings but it just didn’t look right without more in it and the next thing I knew I was spending all sorts of time on it and it is as large as my first Alberta piece. Hopefully people like it (and Alberta) as much as I do because I still want to make a larger, more “epic” piece and I have all the workings for a Last Thursday piece. Stay tuned!

Candy Break on Hawthorne

Chalk-let Candy Bus, Portland OR
A couple weeks ago I walked up and down Hawthorne street here in Portland for the second time to take more photos of Hawthorne for a new piece. I have noticed that two, full, thorough trips are necessary to get what I need for material. The first trip really ends up being more of a scouting trip even though I do take a lot of photos. The second, I just go crazy taking hundreds of photos getting every angle of the street I can. While I was out I ran into Christine at the Chalk-let Candy Bus and she was nice enough to let me take a photo on the interior of her amazing candy bus where she serves a wonderful variety of candy – most of which brings back fond childhood memories. It made for a perfect Portland day out where there is always something wonderfully creative, and often yummy to enjoy.

New Letterpress Business Cards

Beth Kerschen Art Business Cards

I have to admit, I enjoy getting new business cards, especially when I started my own graphic design business and I could design them anyway I wanted. There is something about having a card on hand that shows what you are happily doing for a living. Despite my excitement, I still have to get some courage up every time I hand a card to strangers. Now, I am even more excited about my new business cards for my artwork. I got them done by Jenn at LetterpressPDX and she coached me through the line art preparation. I am really happy how they turned out. I feel they reflect my work, have a handmade feel and it shows the essence of my artwork. I feel like I am giving people a small piece of artwork, which helps with that little courage needed for passing them out.

The image is comprised of images from Portland and reflects some some of my favorites. I love the mountains (Mt. Hood), I love tea (and Townshend’s Tea), I adore Thai food (the bus is a Thai Food cart), and I just love ice cream and enjoy Forest Park (thus the old sign). Putting them all together makes an ideal scene.

A Portrait of Portland

A Portrait of Portland

This is my latest piece! I have been working on pieces that reflect a specific neighborhood, but I wanted to do a piece that encompassed all the key landmarks and characteristics of Portland…a tall order I must say. There are so many wonderful aspects to Portland. I did my best…The Hawthorne bridge, Mt. Hood, Big Pink, The Schnitzer concert hall, Powell’s Bookstore, Bagdad Theater, McMenamin’s, a great coffee shop, an excellent local brewery, a food cart taken to the next level, VooDoo Donuts tucked in there, a few Portland Bungalows, a double-decker bike, the Max, a bike lane, and the East Side painted streets.